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We partner with, and are certified by the leading companies in the Healthcare Industry.

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Ranging from a wide array of ad formats, widgets, banners, lead-gen funnels, landing pages, and more, info.care has your market covered.


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About info.care

info.care was founded in 2020 by a group of veteran marketing and technology professionals, with decades of experience in online advertising, affiliate marketing, marketing technology, and analytics.

As the Healthcare Industry shifts its focus to personalized, targeted advertising, the need for a targeted Performance Media Network becomes more acute. Connecting between the leading Healthcare Industry Companies and relevant websites and other online destinations is at the core of the info.care Media Network.

info.care identifies and engages with its Partners to create smart, relevant, and targeted advertising campaigns that provide visitors access to information from leading companies in the Healthcare Industry - Big Pharma, Medical Device Companies, Clinics, Payers, Digital Tech Companies, and more.

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