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What we offer.

The info.care Performance Media Network offers a wide range of partnership opportunities, including Media Buys, Cost per Lead (CPL) Campaigns, Cost per Click (CPC) Campaigns, Sponsorships, and Strategic Partnerships. We've streamlined our entire Partner Program to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining accurate tracking.

What we do.

Partnered with the top leading pharmaceutical companies, info.care’s primary goal is to provide awareness on treatments available for a variety of conditions. We provide patients with information about optional treatments that may have better relief for their condition. Through your blog, youtube channel, website or forum you can help spread awareness and in turn earn revenue based on a few offered models.

How it works.

Visitor clicks on a banner or other ad format that we serve you. It then launches a First Party Data (FPD) lead generation form that the visitor fills in. Once the form is completed successfully the details are verified to ensure integrity, identify fraud or incentive campaigns, and remove duplicates. When verified, the signup is confirmed, the patient will receive all the relevant data and you will paid for this.

Earn Consistent Commissions

For whatever partnership model you choose, we will offer online stats, in real-time, to be able to track the effectiveness of the campaign in order to build a long term relationship.

Optimization = More Commissions

Leave the hard work for us! Our staff will meticulously crawl through the data to make sure that each of your campaigns are properly optimized to achieve the highest possible results.

We also make it our mission to guarantee the highest quality of marketing tools, including Landing Pages, banners and widgets to ensure conversion rates are always soaring!

Guaranteed on-time payments

Payments are made monthly -- on-time, every time.

Pretty simple, right?

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier.
You can be fully set up and ready to go in under 5 minutes.

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